About WebHSR

WebHSR is an educational, internet based streaming video series used by orthopedic physicians and physical therapists. It was developed to meet the increasing need of patients to have a better understanding of their orthopedic and sports medicine related injuries and to encourage them to have an active role in their recovery. The series uses cutting-edge advanced 3-D animation technology to explain to patients the anatomy and pathology related to their condition. These visual images reinforce the rationale for doing their rehab exercises. In addition, we demonstrate the physical therapy exercises and diagnosis-specific techniques necessary to aid each patient in their recovery.

Our videos focus on the “why” of doing a home exercise program as well as the “how” to do the exercises. In addition, non-surgical and surgical treatment options are explained. The video topics in the series are designed to address the most common conditions seen in an orthopedic office.

Features of WebHSR

  1. Meets your need to have a better understanding of your orthopedic injury and encourages you to have an active role in your recovery. Allows you to view instructional videos at home, saving you time and money.
  2. Increases your confidence knowing how to do the exercises prescribed by your doctor. It's as close as you can get to having your doctor present while you perform your home exercise program.
  3. Access the site at any time and do your exercises when it’s convenient. You will really like being able to see the exercises and stretches instead of trying to understand them just by reading instructions. This is easy and simple to follow.
  4. Allows your Doctor and Physical Therapist to show you how to do simple exercises on your own. You will love the innovative technology with this web based rehab program.
  5. Patient Login to WebHSR

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