Orthopaedic Surgery

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff

Shoulder pain at night in bed? Can’t throw, reach or even put on a coat without pain? A small, sharp bone spur grinding away at the smooth tendons of your rotator cuff is the likely cause. Get rid of the spur, the tear and the pain in a morning. Three-bandaid surgery done through the arthroscope.

Arthroscopic Repair for Instability

Coming out of the socket, partially or completely, the unstable shoulder is repaired with arthroscopic surgery. Reliably and nearly painlessly putting you back into the sports and activities you now must avoid.

Arthroscopic Knee Procedures

A loose particle of bone or a torn meniscus produces the common symptoms of knee pain, clicking, locking and instability. Arthroscopic surgery, an incision smaller than a grain of rice, gets rid of those symptoms in less than half an hour. Dr. Paul has performed arthroscopic knee surgeries on patients ranging from seniors to college and professional athletes.


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