Sports Medicine

Arthroscopic Knee Procedures: A loose particle of bone or a torn meniscus produces the common symptoms of knee pain, clicking, locking and instability. Arthroscopic surgery, an incision smaller than a grain of rice, gets rid of those symptoms in less than half an hour.

ACL: The major ligament in the center of the knee, your ACL only gets noticed when it’s torn. A wobble when turning, buckling, collapsing, a knee that’s just not there for you when you need stability—these are the symptoms of an ACL tear. A one hour, outpatient procedure with very little post-op discomfort takes care of it. Don’t risk the falls, and the arthritis, associated with ACL tears.

Ankle Injuries: When you have had one ankle sprain too many it’s time to think about a stabilization procedure. Small incision, arthroscopically aided surgery for the unstable and painful ankle is among your doctor’s specialties in Sports Medicine practice.

Tennis Elbow: How many people, athletes and non-athletes too, are avoiding essential activities because their elbows hurt. It’s called epicondylitis, it’s very common and very easy to cure. Your doctor has successfully treated hundreds of epicondylitis patients—many cured with just one injection, bad cases with a twenty minute, minimally invasive surgical procedure.

PRP Injections: A safe and promising new technology which uses components of the patient’s own blood to treat many sports related tendon problems as well as the more pedestrian problem of plantar fasciitis (heel spur pain). Blood is drawn and prepared with proprietary centrifugation machinery by your doctor in the office. Many of our patients have avoided surgery with complete pain relief via PRP.


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